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“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ian for over 12 years. Ian is not your typical CFO.

While his financial acumen is second to none, Ian has the unique ability of being able to assess and critically analyse any business or business situation very quickly.

Drawing on his vast commercial experience he then methodically implements sound strategies to either solve specific problems or grow and develop a business.

Working with Ian is like having a Board Member on call. He is the guy that will always add value to any situation and make you rethink old strategies.”    - Andrew Brisk

"I've had the pleasure of working with Ian for the past couple months. The impact he has made on our company has been transformational. 

Ian brought a measured sense of stability and thinking. He immediately delved deep and devised foundation processes and system structure. He uses past experience as well as training programs in his methodology. He comes with a great network of trusted advisers and contacts that are a never ending pool of resources. He will go above and beyond to assists in a genuine capacity. The longer Ian was involved in the business the more useful he became; from supply and distributions through to system, process and finance. 

It's always nice working with rational thinkers that not only bring value but whose positive thinking is also a pleasure to be around! 


I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who needs  a mentor, coach or some steady guidance in taking their business to the next level."

- Joel Kahn

"I have known Ian for many years now. He has always been extremely responsible and hardworking individual. As a CFO, Ian consistently conducted himself with consideration for others and with the highest level of integrity, compassion and responsibility. Ian is an accomplished individual professionally and personally. His upbeat personality and engaging personal style enables him to interact effectively with colleagues and staff. Ian always brought his keen analytical skills to the table and was an excellent leader and ‘doer’ in any team situation. A diverse professional with extensive experience in driving and achieving superior results in a challenging and competitive market; strongly focused in strengthening financial operations to maximize performance and profitability."

- George S. Kokkinos

"I worked with Ian for about 8 years. I really enjoyed this experience.I found Ian to be an extremely exceptional CFO who brings out the best in people professionally and personally with his superb man management skills, empathy for people and an ability to get things done. Ian is an extremely likeable person with high work rate and personal ethics. He has strong Finance, Operational and Change Management skills and is very astute in his thinking.
I have the highest regards for Ian and any person working with Ian should be so fortunate and really blessed!"

-Fletcher Ng

"I’ve worked with Ian for just under 2 years at L’Occitane Australia. Ian is the utmost professional and extremely experienced as a CFO whom I have the highest respect for. Not only has he proved to be an exceptional CFO, but I would consider him to be one of the best managers of people I have ever met. His ability to draw the best out of people, and to cultivate talent within the whole organisation was inspiring. It was a real pleasure to work for and with Ian."

-Paul Inkpen

Discovery Technology

"I had the pleasure of working with Ian for many years and found him to always be very professional and pragmatic in his work. 

I watched him significantly improve the operation of L'Occitane whilst guiding the company through some complex infrastructure changes, as well as significant expansion across Australia, all accomplished with aplomb.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ian in a professional capacity."

- Brendan Williams

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